Beloved is there…. Standing on the sand. But fate has its own map…. Kabir and Bullah together writing a song for you, & Stars are gazing! Criss cross are the ways…. But truth is not the sour one. Do not look at the Mirage, Beyond these flat lands and high mountains, There is a Horizon…….


Somehow the most stunning sunrise I have ever seen, it’s 6:35 am in the morning…….deep down the valley it’s Tawi river flowing…..above which clouds are swimming and morning air is floating, left on the valley Himalaya is standing high even above the sky<!–more………somewhere from backside golden ball is trying to appear, and at the right…


Ohh the mighty mountain the Great Himalayas…!!! Lets Elope together…. I know you are the one who prepared Saints from the Holy land of India, and taught them lessons of dispassion and detachment…!! & you are Epitome of the Solitude…..still i can not resist loving you & live in a dearth of your sight….. There’s…

into the Wild…!!

this wilderness is so comforting, I feel relaxed as if i got a settee I longed for You give me more than the Civil does! You blew me away with the freshness, i absorb it so deep, At the morning i catch sunlight into my eyes & wink with the smile….!!!!