Brussels the capital city of the Belgium & one of the major business & political centre of European Union (EU). EU is a largest economy on earth contributing more than one third of the world’s economy.

So what! who cares!

I care, overlooking the sudo controversies they does provide lot of help to undeveloped/underdeveloped nations, responsible for providing funds for many countries in Asia & Africa for medical aids, pushing industrial growth & education, equalities & many more. They are Role Models to developing countries like India, Brazil & China.

brussels 3.jpg

Keeping aside Socio-Economic consideration, Europe is a land of hardworking people & they know to enjoy as well. They know how to create work-life balance & its importance, they live with the policy of live & let live. They work with detailing and desire perfection in both Art & Technology. They produce most sellable goods & are most buyable commodity in the business world.

These people are intellectual & sophisticated beings, most of them follow one religion “Christianity” but don’t belong to any definite cultural ethnicity and are flexible & adaptive. Like all of us they are Civilised & lovely people & do love their family & friends. Its their instinctive desire to live in terror free atmosphere, expect their loved ones to come back home safe after finishing their daily chores.

Consciously or subconsciously common goal of every human being to help someone who is needy and to provide happiness & safety to their loved ones. What else we want? I guess nothing more than this, so why these attacks on Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Mumbai, Turkey, Nigeria,  Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, New York, Iraq, Syria……….& my list is countless. These attacks are not against particular city or nation or against any culture, creed, caste etc. These are against my desire, actually our desire to live in safe & happy environment.

This is definitely not coming from people who are very confident about what they are doing, but instead from timid people who are insecure, fearful & apprehensive about their own existence, status & future. It is hard to make these people understand what we feel after every attack, after visiting refugee camps, seeing people suffering, people leaving their home & living in a fear of loosing your dear ones any time.

I still request them to come together and with “WWW” (the World Wide Web) lets move forward to form WWF (the World Wide Family) or to create WWH (the World Wide Home) for every single human-being in this planet Earth, lets move together for better World, for Peace, for Us.

#IVoteForPeace #OneWorldFamily #VasudhaivaKutumbaka









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