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During my teens for few years (6-7 yrs) I learnt Kathak ~ Indian classical dance form. As a teen, when I was learning I wasn’t aware of its impact, of course it was constructive & had played very important role for making me what I am today. Then, to me, It was the only escape from banal routine of being social animal & school’s work. It use to be the best time of a day which I enjoyed to its fullest, it energised me completely & I bounced back with full enthusiasm and prepare myself for another day.


Today when I look back and want to put that experience in words, I did failed miserably!!! That experience is so vast and deep & can not be captured in words. Here I tried to summarise in the unique way (not in poetic), above by jotting few words which comes on my way when I think about dance, those dance classes, that wonderful time & everything related to it.


For me “Dance” is a food, food for soul… for happiness & joy!!

(PS: i took these photographs a year ago, since then i wondered where I am gonna put these b’ful pictures & with what captions. But today I am happy with my current post & use of these photographs) 


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