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Brings hope!

She’s like a Wind

She’s like the wind through my tree, She rides the night next to me She leads me through moonlight Only to burn me with the sun She’s taken my heart But she doesn’t know what she’s done Feel her breath on my face Her body close to me Can’t look in her eyes She’s out…

Mind Narrow Escape!

When 60 years old parents don’t show trust on their own 30 year old “child”, if they have doubts about his/her decisions, by doing this they left them with narrow escapes and close doors for them to experience wider aspects and broader view of life. Sometimes it may leads them to upstairs, but in dark & gloomy…

Abstract to Life

All that is required to live in the planet Earth is “abstracted” here, still we “the Human” everyday need more & more!! Save the Environment, Save Life and the Future. #GoGreen     P.S – picture is for last week photography challenge prompt “Abstract”   

Golden Globe.

Another spectacular view of Himalaya @ Shivalik Hill, pictures were shot near Udhampur, J & K, India. Picture was taken by my ipad in September 2014, no editing is done all colors are captured directly by lense. Sun was about rise, down below the clouds mighty Tawi is flowing, clouds are the result of temperature…


#IVoteForPeace #OneWorldFamily #VasudhaivaKutumbaka


is a food, food for soul…..food for happiness & joy!!

Songs of Kabir

Few b’ful lines from Kabir….. “O friend, dear heart of mine, think well! if you love indeed, then why do you sleep? If you have found Him, then give yourself utterly, and take Him to you. Why do you loose Him again and again? If the deep sleep of rest has come to your eyes,…